Our Team

Meet our Team

Our leaders live in Austin, TX. They are men who have achieved sobriety. They have effectively ended the hopeless cycle of addiction. Higher Plane Sober Living and our sober living residences are a project of passion. As a result, we are giving back the solution that was so freely given to us.

David Crawford

Owner, Co-Founder

I studied Business Administration at Oklahoma State University from 1981- 1985. I had a successful 20-year career in the publishing business. There I served as President and Chief Operating Officer of PRIMEDIA, a national publishing company. In this business role, I excelled as a leader and mentor to many men and women across the country. I enjoyed assisting them in their career and financial goals. It brought me great joy to see them improving the quality of their daily lives.

As a real estate investor and recovered alcoholic, I help men move into a healthier and successful life path. I believe in the strength of sober living and a life filled with purpose and meaning. Embracing structure, finding new success and growing in responsibility provides a new direction for life-long sobriety.

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous teaches, “Practical experience shows that nothing will so much insure immunity from drinking as intensive work with other alcoholics.” Nothing is more gratifying to me than seeing a young man recover from a hopeless state of mind and body.

Ozzie Garcia

Director, Co-Founder

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. My struggle with substance abuse addiction began at the age 13. At the age 15 I began to cycle in and out of various facilities in efforts to seek treatment.

I entered my 6th and last treatment in May of 2015. It was then I had a profound experience with the 12-steps, with my peers and with God. As revolutionary changes began to take place, I discovered that I had an unwavering passion to support other men. I wanted to help them also as they pursued long term sobriety and responsibility. I wanted to pass along the gift that had been so freely given to me.

I’ve worked in the substance abuse treatment field for 3 years. I’ve written and directed 12-step programming for well-respected treatment facilities in the Austin area. We designed Higher Plane Sober Living to help clients apply the same principles learned in early sobriety. In addition, we provide a highly structured environment where residents can continue to practice these spiritual principles in their daily lives.

Tom Cook

House Manager, Marywood Sober Living House

I am originally from Dallas. I grew up there playing sports my entire life, which I enjoyed very much. By my senior year in High school, I had begun drinking socially. Over the years since then, I began drinking more and more. By my mid-twenties I had begun drinking several days a week. I got married at 28 to a wonderful lady and we had a beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, it was short lived as my drinking was a major factor in our getting a divorce, and cost me several jobs. For the next 30 years I had some success but even more failures. Every time things would start going well, my drinking would destroy them. Being in denial, I couldn’t admit that I had a drinking problem, much less becoming an alcoholic.

As the years went by, I began drinking heavier to where I was drinking every day. By the time I went to rehab, I was drinking all day every day and totaled my car. After a month in the hospital recovering, I went straight to rehab. It totally changed my life. I have found out you can enjoy a happy, spiritual life without alcohol. My next step was Higher Planes Sober Living, a chance to live in a structured environment with other alcoholics and addicts to hold each other responsible, and help achieve a spiritual life with purpose and learning how to help others while helping myself.

My goal is to help others achieve the happy, joyous and free life that everyone deserves. I believe living in this sober living environment is a great step in the right direction to get to where we can live this life daily and grow together. It gives me great pleasure to see another alcoholic or addict see the light and realize there is life, and a fulfilling life, in sobriety.

Louis Wroten

House Manager, Loyola Sober Living House

I started using drugs and alcohol heavily when I was 16 years old. It was not long before I started to arrange my whole life around being under the influence. It was not an option for me to stay sober for an entire day. Soon after graduating high school, I started going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and in and out of different institutions but was not willing to work the 12 steps, so I found no solution. I was broken and miserable. I caused a lot of harm to my loved ones.

After yet another relapse, in July 2019, I was desperate and was given an opportunity to go to my 2nd and last treatment center. There I found a real solution in the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and a relationship with a God of my own understanding. Higher Plane Recovery provided the structure, accountability, and support that a client like me needed for aftercare. I was blessed with the opportunity to manage the Loyola House and take pride in working with these men.

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