Our Sober Houses

Our Sober Living Houses in Austin, TX

Recovery is an individual process. Men come to us at different stages in their journey towards sober living with individual needs. We are proud to offer two unique sober homes. Each home offers different levels of care that allow us to support each person well. Our sober living homes have an atmosphere of high accountability and structure. Located in Central Austin, we have easy access to employment and support services.

Marywood Sober Living House

•   High accountability and structure
•   Professional,  on-site House Manager
•   Full time Recovery Director
•   Owner is active full-time and engaged
•   Morning meditation and evening review
•   Daily house chores
•   Curfew Weekly
•   Random UA’s
•   Assistance with employment/education
•   Transportation support
•   Sponsor required
•   Required 4 weekly 12-step meetings
•   Must be sober for 30 days prior

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Both sober living houses are NARR/TROHN Certified. 

Higher Plane Recovery is certified by NARR-TROHN

Loyola Sober Living House

Loyola Sober Living House offers  a higher level of  support, accountability and structure for those needing additional assistance.

•  High accountability and structure
•  Professional, on-site House Manager
•  Full time Recovery Director
•  Owner is active full-time and engaged
•  Morning meditation and evening review
•  Daily house chores
•  Curfew Weekly
•  Random UA’s
•  Assistance with employment/education
•  Transportation support
•  Sponsor required.
•  Required 4 weekly 12-step meetings
•  Must be sober for 30 days prior
•  Certified Recovery Coaching
•   Life-skills classes including:
Scheduling/Goal setting
Etiquette Basic meal preparation
Financial management

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